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5 important tips for buying property in Turkey

To those who are planning to buy a real estate in Turkey for the first time!

We are presenting you below the most valuable pieces of advice to help you well-plan your purchase of a real estate in Turkey:

1- Set up  your budget accurately:

It is very important to study the budget you will allocate in investing a real estate, and the revenue value of that investment.

2- Avoid large down payments:

It is not recommended pay down payments that exceed 40% of the whole amount.

3- Ask yourself about the priority of buying a real estate:

Will it be your home for settling down in Turkey? Will it be a summer residence or a place to spend holidays in? Or is it just for investing a real estate?

4- Avoid sentimental attachment to property:

All of us have sentimental motives when it comes to fancy places, but a good investment cannot solely depend on a beautiful apartment with an amazing view. There are other key points to consider, such as the project and the future of the project’s area; that’s why the investing decision should be rational rather than sentimental.

5- Visit Turkey:

It is recommended to visit Turkey to choose in reality the type of real estate suitable for you based on your needs and the district you want.

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