We are a leading group in the field of real estate investment, and we have put all our potentials over a period of five years to create a huge database that includes all residential projects in Turkey to save you the burden of questioning, price comparison, inspection and even decision making. Our database is intended to provide the needed information for each customer according to his requests and demands, ranging from investments to full residing, which puts him on the right path directly towards his destination and saves him time, effort and money.
ARABIOGLU Group for logistics and real estate services is keen to constantly update its database in accordance with the developments in the market in Turkey, price change, the latest updates, depending on professional work mechanisms done by experts and specialists in this field, in order to provide its customers with the newest and up-to-date data.

Our vision is to attain the highest standards of the real estate market while sustaining our agency as the premier and leading real estate company in Turkey and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to provide real estate and investment consulting based on a high quality database, accompanied with a professional team of customer service to assist our costumer achieve his goal from visiting Turkey with minimum effort, shortest time, minimal cost, highest professionalism & total confidentiality.

  • Providing a high level of professionalism in providing real estate consultancy, investment feasibility studies, strategic planning, and market research.
  • Forming the largest database that includes all sectors of real estate in Turkey, relying on extensive and accurate studies and research.
  • Employing the database for the service of customers to achieve their goals in Turkey with minimum effort, shortest time and minimal cost.
  • Achieving effective communication with Arabs living in Turkey and those coming to it in order to include their properties in the database.

Have you been tempted by investment offers in Turkey?
Have you decided to travel to Turkey for settling down?
Do you want to buy a property with guaranteed annual investment revenue?
Do you have a specific goal that you want to accomplish in Turkey?


No matter what your reason is, you will find yourself facing a wide range of options, where making a decision is very difficult. ARABIOGLU works hard to constrict the open options and take you in to the right one relying on our large database of all Turkish states, and considering your requirements in terms of prices, neighborhoods, social environment, and intellectual and religious structure.


What does (ARABIOGLU) present to its customers in the field of legal investment?

Do not let laws and regulations prevent you from owning your property in Turkey. Turkey, just like any other country, imposes a number of laws and regulations on its residents. These laws are a burden on the newly arrived to Turkey, as it is very likely to hinder their investments or buying properties.


ARABIOGLU is always supporting you by providing everything you need to know regarding the Turkish laws & regulations that are related to your functional & economic matters.
Our legal services are:

  • Owning real estate.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • Establishing companies.
  • Getting and renewing residence permit.



The value of each product lies in its quality, and the value of consultancy and research lies in its accuracy and its completion in professionalism and high efficiency. Believing in that philosophy, ARABIOGLU group for real estate consultancy is keen to achieve the highest efficiency in its studies and research relying on seasoned experts and professional in the field of researching and studies in the real estate market in Turkey, and focusing on maintaining a permanent evaluation and development.



ARABIOGLU group for Real Estate Consultancy provides its clients with the utmost comfort in dealing and offering services so it is always the best and safest option for its customers. Accordingly we provide our customers with the accurate information they need with full honesty, in addition to keeping high confidentiality in maintaining their data and protecting their privacy..

  • Research Department:

    It consists of specialists in the field research, electronic research and collecting data, and other specialists in public relations and social communication. Their job is to establish an inclusive database of all real estate and investment opportunities in Turkey, and developing it continuously in accordance with any new circumstances.

  • Costumer Services Department: Consists of three units

    1. Reception & Public Relations:

      Their task is to communicate with customers, welcome them and coordinate meetings and appointments between them and the management of the real estate projects they are interested in. Also, they work on collecting data with full honesty, accuracy and high confidentiality, in addition to receiving requests, suggestions & complaints.

    2. Sales:

      It consists of a group of experienced salesmen who know the smallest details of the real estate market in Turkey and have the ability to find the best choice for the customer.

    3. After Sales Service:

      Its task is to follow up the legal affairs of customers, and to ensure that the workflow is performed in accordance to the plan agreed upon with the customer until the receipt of the title deed.

  • Administrative Department: Consists of

    1. General Management:

      It includes experienced and skilled managers who manage the workflow and mechanisms between departments and units, supervise the overall progress of work, and develop general plans in order to achieve the group’s short term and long term goals and monitor their implementation.

    2. Human resources:

      It includes professionals working hard to secure the needs of the company of experienced and specialists, following-up their work, and controlling the quality of services provided by the company.

    3. Financial and Legal management:

      It works on organizing and coordinating financial & legal affairs and editing official contracts between customers and real estate companies, based on saving the consumer’s right.

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